alchemy mondays


So… I got paid today. And I went into town. BIG mistake XD

1st photo:

  • Sonic t-shirt
  • Grape-coloured skinnies (and holy shit are they skinny)

TOTAL: £28.99

2nd photo:

  • 1x NEO Magazine
  • 1x Sonic Universe + Sonic The Hedgehog comics (latest issues)
  • 1x Sonic Super Special magazine (latest issue)
  • 2x Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme cars (they are fucking delicious)
  • 2x bottles of Ramune
  • 1x bottle of Sour Cherry soda
  • 2x cans of energy drink (1 Sonic Speed, 1 Megaman E Tank)
  • 1x pack of Strawberry Hi-Chew
  • 1x pack of Strawberry Marshmallow Thingies
  • 1x mug
  • 1x Megaman Robot Master Field Guide
  • 1x Pandora Hearts vol 2

TOTAL: £58.89


Not too bad, actually!